Shaba National Reserve

Tsavo West National ParkShaba National Reserve is situated in the hot and arid fringes of Kenya’s vast Northern Frontier District and lies to the east of Buffalo Springs Reserve, just across the Great North Road. The Reserve takes it’s name from a cone of volcanic rock and evidence of the intensity of it’s volcanic upheaval is demonstrated by the formidable lava flow which the traveller has to cross to reach this remote wilderness. Shaba’s northern border is marked by the flow of the Ewaso Nyiro River on it’s way to the Lorian Swamp, it’s banks fringed by riverine forest and clusters of doum palms. Many small hills and rocky kopjes punctuate the rugged and dry terrain south of the river. Shaba is home to the many different species of game found in Samburu and Buffalo Springs Reserves with small herds of elephant and other plain game moving freely throughout these three reserves and the surrounding wilderness. Shaba Reserve is 130 km2 on the southern back of the Uaso Nyiro river to the East of Buffalo Springs Reserve. The reserve has a unique landscapes of rounded and rugged hills and undulating plains.

Mainly wooded and bushy grassland, riverine forest and swamps, with over 50 species of large mammals including reticulated giraffe, grevys zebra, elephant oryx, somali ostrich, hippo, crocodiles, gemuk, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena.

Large flocks of helmeted and vulturine guinea fowls are a common attraction.