Tanzania Cultural Safari

Africa is a land of diverse cultures and religions. Somewhat, the continent is a complex place which is sometimes hard to understand. It is because of this diversity and assortment of the cultures that many tourists and visitors the world over travel to Africa to explore it themselves.

The African cultures include a wide variety of religious values and ideals. Today, Africa is seen as a conglomeration of many distinct cultures and religion that is truly amazing in itself. Each dynasty or rule has introduced something new and it is because of the ability of African culture to assimilate all these changes in such a way that it will look as if they are already a part of the existing cultures and traditions.

TRADITIONAL MAASAI LIFE; cultural safaris:

Those wishing to incorporate an insightful cultural element into their safari may wish to include a day spent with the Maasai people close to Lake Manyara, as well as a day with the Hadzabe. KIAfrika – Adventure has a zero-impact camp site on a hill overlooking Lake Manyara and within easy reach of several Maasai communities that still observe traditional subsistence lifestyles. A full day spent with the Maasai will usually involve a walking safari, beginning from our campsite, into the Losimingur Hills, to the north of Manyara.

The walk will usually be led by a local Maasai guide with translation being assisted by your safari guide. Where possible, we aim to ensure that the local Maasai guide is not merely a professional group leader who has migrated away from village life into town to learn English and commerce, but is actually an active member of one of the nearby local communities, someone who still supports his community by means of the techniques that he will be revealing to you.

Walking through the hills with the Maasai is fascinating, particularly if visitors aim to take full advantage of their local guide’s knowledge and to frequently pause and question him. A good dialogue will provide some amazing insights as to how the Maasai derive medicines from the many varied plants; how Maasai social life is ordered by age and what are the respective duties of each group; how the Maasai hold to the belief that all cattle are properly theirs by divine right and how the Morani should be tasked with marauding neighbouring tribes and ‘stealing back’ these cows; how such missions often sadly cause the death of several participants; and a great deal more that – if one is prepared to delve deeply – will reveal a worldview and offer perspectives that contrast very greatly with those of home.


Is an amazing trip and an ideal one of for cultural tour enthusiasts. The trip offers hadzabe indigenous tribe cultural interaction like hunting and other cultural exchange. Hadzade are typically hunters and gatherers for honey and insects in the Bush just like bushman in kalahari desert and other territories of Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and south Africa.

This is the unique tribes in Tanzania which live in the lake Eyasi . You can join us so that you can interact with them, and learn so many stuff like how to make fire by using two dry sticks, the way which has been used for thousands of years. The Bushmen will teach you how to use their bow and arrows, collecting some tubers, roots and fruits with the women or join the men on hunting.


Do you like to know the real life of Chagga people on the lush forest of Kilimanjaro mountain? Here you are, KIAfrika Adventure Cultural tourism programme will assist you, visit us to see traditional hut, community museaum as well as curio shop.

Do you want to get away from tourist crowds? Gain insights into local life? Here at KIAfrika – adventure have so much to offer includes,

  • Coffee tour
  • Banana beer
  • A visit to Chagga cave
  • Local cuisine,
  • Local market visits,
  • Lake chala trekking and walking safari
  • Homestay


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