Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the day tour– Day Tour to Marangu Village, you have a day trip (Excursion) package taking you through Marangu Village. Day tour departs daily on request.

The “Marangu Waterfalls” is located on the slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro national park, is also an excellent location for hiking, bird watching and taking in the sights of rural Africa. The cultural tourism program offers the opportunity for visitors to watch traditional blacksmiths, visit nearby caves and waterfalls as well as experience life in the local Chagga tribe. People around Marangu village are very welcoming and we hope you will enjoy your time with them. While in Marangu one can learn more about the Chagga culture by visiting a traditional Chagga house made of straw roofing. Also, the traditional food made by bananas and local brew known as Mbege can be tasted.



Offer you a special day trip to Marangu village, on this memorable tour you will visiting an array of waterfalls, Ndoro Waterfalls. At the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, the waterfall is famous not because of the amount of water it plunge into the gorge, but because of its zigzag trekking nature to the bottom of the waterfalls, Also you will get a chance to learning how coffee is made, pounding, roasting and sampling. And after you will drink coffee made in front of your eyes.

Areas to Visit.

-Marangu Waterfalls

-Marangu Caves

-Marangu Market

-Marangu Local Coffee and Banana Plantation. Also involving in

-Chaga local meals preparation -Chaga local wine test (Mbege)