Breakfast (English breakfast; eggs, beacon, coffee, tea, milk, milo, bread toast, drinking choculate, porridge).

Lunch: Packed lunch
Food in pack lunch: boiled egg, meat cutlets, macaroni, meat sauce, bread, juice packet, piece of fruits, biscuits and some tea kept warm in flask and carried by guide. And at the end of the days walking  afternoon tea is served with biscuits, peanuts and salted popcorn.


Dinner: Three meal course: Sturter soup, bread
Main meals: beef, chicken, fish saved with rice, potatoes, makaron and pastas and vegetables + fruits.

Also we have alternative menu for vegetarian.  Our mountain cuisine normally the following;
Three healthy prepared meals a day that is (Breakfast, picnic lunch and Hot dinner).
List of menu items in our Kilimanjaro Menu: Breakfast: fruit juice, fruit, cereals/porridge, boiled eggs /Tea /coffee/milo.

Snacks: peanuts/popcorn /cookies
Lunch: sliced carrot and cucumber stripes, Avocado slices, boiled egg/ vegetables/fruit/meat cutlets/fruit juice
Dinner: soup of the day, (fresh vegetables soup/mushrooms soup) bread, salad, Rice/pasta/potatoes/chicken/fish/eggplants/mixed vegetables, fruit salad/macaroni/ Tea/coffe/milo.

On way to the summit (midnight snack)

Hot chocolate, tea or coffee and biscuits, orange squash or soup.