We offer three different climb styles, standard and luxury & VIP for Kilimanjaro Climbs which means we can ensure you are matched with the right level of equipment to suit you. A VIP climb offers a proper bed, walk-in tents, a wash tent, and a loo tent. The luxury climb offers 3m x 3m dome tents, thick mattresses and sleeping bags, and a separate loo tent. It is a great compromise between cost and comfort. The standard climb offers a slightly smaller tent with foam pad and separate loo tent. We can offer the choice of joining a group of like-minded climbers or can arrange a private
trip just for you. Luxury is a relative term when applied to a Kilimanjaro climb. Overnight options boil down to hunkering down in a sleeping bag in a hiking tent or a basic mountain hut, and if you want to summit the great mountain, there is no escaping the steep uphill hikes, nor the cold on the upper slopes, nor the likely affects of altitude. In one sense, the most luxurious way to climb the mountain is to stick to the popular Marangu Route, which is much busier than other routes, but allows you to stay overnight in the relatively comfort of mountain huts with washing facilities and bottled drinks for sale. However, if you are looking for exclusivity rather than luxury then far better to splash out and arrange to hike on of the lesser known routes. Depending on how much time and money you want to dedicate to the exercise, these range from the Machame and Rongai Route, both ideally undertaken over six days, to the slightly longer Lemosho and Shira Route, to the wonderfully scenic and remote Northern Circuit, a new route that can be undertaken over 9-11 days, depending on whether you opt to overnight in the stunning Kibo Crater. It is also worth researching the amenities offered by different operators – high quality food and equipment, experienced English-speaking guides and access to private ablution tents with pump-flush toilets all come at a price, but help enhance not only the comfort of a climb but also the likelihood of reaching the summit. Safety on the mountain is our key concern. Our climbs use new, top of the range kit and equipment. We use only high quality guides who have constant training to keep knowledge up to date. All our climbs are equipped with supplementary oxygen, pulse oximeters, and customised evacuation stretchers. All the guides are CPR trained. The guides we use have superb emergency training and the crew have the same access to emergency aid as the paying climbers.


• Travel, climb and safari, all in only two weeks!

• Africa’s highest peak and one of the Seven

• Also one of the Volcanic Seven
Summits, comprised of the highest volcanoes on
each of the seven continents

• Choose from a vast list of luxury services options
both on and off mountain

• Led by experienced local guides

• Stay in 5-star accommodations before and after the

• Following your climb, reward yourself with a luxury
tented safari

Kiafrika adventure specialises in ‘Luxury Services’
treks to Kilimanjaro for individuals or groups wanting
the highest degree of comfort available on the

• Benefit from more time to acclimatize — a key component to a successful summit — with three more days on the itinerary than most other companies provide

• Stay in the largest and most comfortable sleeping tents on the mountain, while also enjoying private toilet facilities

• Carry only a daypack, as porters transport your luggage and equipment throughout the climb and descent When you stand on the broad summit of the highest point in Africa, you sense the vast expanse of the continent that breathes to a different rhythm to the rest of our planet. The blood-red dawn begins to illuminate the surrounding plains of the Serengeti broken only by the occasional distant peak. Strange ice formations sit stranded on the coarse gravel around the summit plateau, like isolated icebergs left by the ebbing tide. Inexplicably, it makes you smile. You are really here. Any visit to Africa must include a safari and our 5-day / 4-night Luxury Tented Safari takes in some of the world’s most unique game reserves such as the Lake Manyara and Serengeti National Parks and the

Ngorongoro Crater. Our Luxury Kilimanjaro Trekking upgrade includes:

• Special Kilimanjaro guide with Wilderness First Responder certification
• Personal porter for carrying day pack
• Food resupply (once on trek)
• Solar panel for charging USB devices (charges
battery, which charges devices)
• Solar lights
• Hyperbaric pressure bag
• Oxygen
• Portable toilet (1 per 5 people)
• Camp shower (1 per 5 people)
• Large comfortable dining tent
• Dining chairs with backs and arms
• Hot lunches on the mountain
• Solar lighting in dining tent and personal tent
• Camp pillow
• Extra sleeping pad or 1 double thick pad
• Filtered water with Katadyn filter
• Kilimanjaro map for the group
• Celebration dinner at hotel after returning from trek

• Walk-in tent (4-person, 4-season) for 2 people
• Camp beds
• Resupply of fresh food (2-3 times on trek)
• Hot water bottle for sleeping bag
• Private emergency stretcher
• 2 nights accommodations in Moshi at the
Kilimanjaro , double occupancy
• Round-trip Kilimanjaro Airport transfers (1 car)


• Morning tea in tent
• Wash basin with soap in morning and upon arrival at camp
• Wash water with soap and towel before meals
• Daily health monitoring (twice daily with oximeter, or more if needed)
• Dining tent with table and stools
• Boiled water at camp in morning and in evening
• Foam sleeping pads