Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is the highlight of most visitors’ experiences in Tanzania. Few mountains can claim the grandeur, the breathtaking views of Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the Rift Valley, and the Masai Steppe, that belongs to Kilimanjaro.

Hiking on the ‘rooftop of Africa’ — the highest point on the continent at 5896 meters — is the adventure of a lifetime, especially because, if paced well, everyone from seasoned trekkers to first-time enthusiasts can scale the snowy peak.

7 Day Rongai Route 

8 Day Lemosho Route

7 Days Lemosho Route

6 Day Marangu Route

Marangu Route 5 Days

6 Day Machame Route

5 Days Kilimanjaro Trek Marangu Route

6 Days Kilimanjaro Trek Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route

Kilimanjaro Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route