Budget per day by safari type;

Once you have calculated your daily travel budget per person you can can pick the type of safari that suit your needs and figure out how long you can afford to travel for find the type  of tour that works best for you and see how  long you  do be able to travel for in the style.

  • Camping ($200 – $280 per person per day)
  • Adventure camping safaris  in Tanzania  ($285 –

$425 per person per day)

  • Budget lodge safaris in Tanzania ( $320 – $620 person per day)
  • Mobile camping safaris  in Tanzania  ($540 – $ 620 per person per day)
  • Private Tanzania safaris ($300 – $ 600 per person per day)
  • Luxury safari ($470 – $1000 per person per day)

As you can see the type of accommodation  included in your safari  makes a big difference to the price range. These different  types of safaris also different in the other keys ways including the size of the group you travelling,  the vehicles  used, the level of participation  required  from travellers,  the activities and meals included  in the price of your safari.

CAMPING &  ACCOMMODATED:  ($200 – $280 per person per day)

The cheapest  Tanzania safari are camping tours which start at $200 per person  per day in group of 10 travellers.

Camping  safaris  in Tanzania that cost around $ 200 per person per day,  including  a driver/guide, Meal’s, camping accommodation,  transport and activities ( a trip to serengeti,  Ngorongoro crater and zanzibar included) and they’re on special.

NOTE: You can find even cheaper Tanzania tour option, starting as $140 per day per person, Usually don’t visit serengeti and Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania famous  northern safari circuit  region  which is a major  drawback.

The cheapest  accommodated safaris  to Tanzania are basic priced from about $170  to $280 per day. As with  camping option, exclude the serengeti park, however we offer a serengeti trip as on  optional  extra cost.


($285 –  $425  per day per person)

This is one of the the cheapest  ways to travel in

Tanzania  and you will be travelling  in a group of only 7 people.  You will travel on rough roads and camp in two  man dome tents in the Bush.  Nature lovers. This style  of travel is perfect  to you. The  camps are located in or near the national parks  and are either public or private campsites. The camps in the national  parks are unfenced so you are quite likely to  encounter wildlife  as you go about your daily life at camp.

Even through  this is an adventurous  style of travel there is a safari cook who prepares  the meals  and all camping and cooking  equipments  is included. These excellent  value camping safaris  included  the following  expenses,  transport  in 4 × 4 safari vehicles, a professional  English- speaking  guide and  cook, camping equipment, ( tent and mattress) national park fees, meals,  as indicated  and mineral  water on safaris.

BUDGET  TANZANIA  LODGE SAFARIS  ($320-  $ 620) Budget lodge safaris  in Tanzania  cost between  $320 and $ 620 per day at the entry  to mid range price level. Tanzania  has wide variety  of lodge accommodation, ranging  from 3 to 5 star, catering for all budget  level lodge  safaris  can include  either hotel style,  small lodges and guesthouses or luxury tented camps. There are both permanent and semi  permanent tented camps in Tanzania  which offer affordable classical Africa safari  experiences.  Typically  include airport transfers,  tour transport,  meals  , 3 -4 star accommodation,  park entry fees and most activities ( game drives,  boat cruises etc) Tanzania  lodge safaris  that visit zanzibar  islands generally  include the cost of the ferry to and from the main island, transfers on the island and accommodation,  meals and activities.

MOBILE  CAMPING SAFARIS  ($540 – $620 per person per day)

Mobile  camping safaris  are more expensive  than  adventure  camping  tours because  they stay at private campsites and offer extra comfort, glamping  style. These are non participation  tours that travel in small group of up to 7  people making them more exclusive.

These is little  or no participation  required from clients, so you can sit back and relax. No cooking and cleaning or chores and helping to set up or dismantle camps. Tanzania  mobile safaris  include  a combination of camping  ( dome tents with camping  beds) and tented lodge accommodation.  This style of travel usually takes  you to private  concession areas  and enables you to spend some time alone in the bush.

PRIVATE  TANZANIA  SAFARIS  ($300 – $600 per person per day)

The cost of private safari in Tanzania varies  based on a few key factors.

Firstly,  the size of your travel party – group size. The larger your group the cheaper the group rate will be down per person. (6 days camping safaris  in Tanzania costs about $400 per person per day when book for a group of two people and  the same safari  cost about $295 per person in group four people and only $250 per person  for a group of seven  people.

The second cost factor is which game parks  you want to visit in Tanzania.  Visiting various  destinations in Tanzania  entails different travel and entry fee costs. Then the duration of your safari  in another key factors that will determine the overall cost of your travels.

The cheapest  option is a private safari  with basic camping accommodation costing about $300 per person sharing ( for a group of four travellers) That includes your own guide,  cook , 4×4 transport,  park fees, all meals during the safari,  mineral water, activities,  tents and camping  equipments.

STANDARD PRIVATE  CAMPING SAFARIS is the fully serviced mobile camping safaris which offer extra  comforts and make use of at private camps. These private mobile safari offer excellent  value for money when booking  for private groups of 4 or more travellers.  Private  mobile camping  safaris in Tanzania cost from $340 to $445 per person  per day based on a group of four travellers.

LODGE SAFARIS IN TANZANIA: costs  start a about $320  per person per day for 2 or 3 days safaris excluding  serengeti.  But also lodge safaris can cost up to about $600 per person  per day (for a group of four people) which include  serengeti  park. There are just  a few starting  prices for well priced customised  safaris  but you can easily  spend much more on a private safari,  depending on the level of luxury  at the tented  camps and lodges ranging  from 3 to 5 star.


Lodges Tanzania Safaris for Less ($470 – $1300 Per Day)

For Luxury Tanzania Lodge Safaris, the best-priced packages start from about $470 per person sharing per night in the low season. That’s a private safari to Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire, with 4 to 5-star lodge accommodation, fine dining and expert guides.

If you opt for 4-star lodge accommodation in Serengeti then you can find prices as low as $269 per person per night BUT that price excludes game drives ($150 per person per day), park entry fees ($60 per person per day) and airstrip transfers ($60 per person one way).

A more luxurious 5-star Tanzania Lodge Safari costs from about $796 per person sharing per night in low season to about $1300 in the high season on a full board basis. That includes all meals and drinks (excluding champagne, private cellar wines and spirits) shared and scheduled game drives, a guided walking safari, sundowners and transfers to and from the airstrips, laundry, service charge and VAT.

We hope you’ve found something to inspire you on this . Please give us an email to discuss your East Africa safari! And if you haven’t seen something suitable, do chat to us over the phone and let us work on a trip that’s right for you. We specialise in fine-tuning trips to provide exactly what our clients want, and we’ll be delighted to help you.


Transport on Tour


Tanzanian Safari Destinations

Tanzania Flights

Tanzania Visas

Safari Add-Ons

Special Interest Safari Costs

Often-Overlooked Costs

These are the main factors you’ll need to consider but you’ll still need to budget for vaccinations , communication and African safari gear (appropriate clothing, insect repellent and sun protection).

  1. Tour Transport Options & Costs

Travelling overland (in a vehicle on land) is far cheaper than flying from destination to destination, plus it’s way better for the environment!

On Tanzania group safaris you are collected from the airport upon arrival on day one and transferred back to the airport on the last day of your trip. Alternatively, pick-up and drop-off can usually be arranged at/from your pre- and post-safari hotel if you prefer. During Tanzania Safaris, land travel is typically conducted in a 4×4 vehicle that can cope with rough African roads.

Fly-In Safaris entail domestic flights to the local airstrips close to your chosen wildlife destination and lodge. Flights are conducted in a small fixed-wing plane, transferring clients from one of Tanzania’s cities or towns to the local airstrip. From there on out, a 4×4 safari vehicle is used for wildlife viewing activities at the lodges and parks. When visiting multiple lodges on a fly-in safari clients take a “bush flight” from the airstrip of one lodge to the next. This is where Fly-in Safaris become pricey, as bush flights don’t come cheap.

  1. Safari Seasons in Tanzania – the price differencesTanzania is a seasonal safari destination, with marked high and low seasons, so the time of year that you decide to travel has a noticeable impact on costs. High season: July to October and December

Mid-Season: Jan and Feb and June (about 20% off high season)

Low Season: March to May and November (up to 40 % off high season rates)

Most lodges and tour companies offer low and high season rates. Off-peak rates are often much lower and travelling in low season has its perks so consider booking in the shoulder and low seasons. Low season in Serengeti is during the long rains (March and April) and high season is from late June/ early July to late August / early September when wildlife viewing is at its best.

This 5-day Tarangire, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Tanzania Lodge Safari, for example, costs $355 per person per day in the low season (March to May) but $431 during December.


During the Great Migration in the Serengeti, prices are higher. In the southern region of Serengeti, prices go up in about February and in the northern area around July to August depending on animal movements in the given year. Find out all about the Great Migration here to get your timing right.

Budgeting Tips:

Travel during the low or shoulder seasons when safari and lodge prices are lower. Talk to one of our in-house safari experts to find out what conditions are like this year and where the Great Migration is at this season.

  1. Tanzania Safari Destinations & the cost implications

Where you choose to go on safari in Tanzania can have a major impact on the cost of your safari.

Most notably, the park entry fees for the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are higher than for other Tanzanian national parks. The Serengeti Park is after all (arguably) Africa’s most legendary safari destination and thus Tanzania’s top tourist destination, whilst Ngorongoro Crater is world-renowned for its abundant wildlife and archaeological significance.

Budgeting Tip:

Serengeti Safaris cost from $1000 extra as add-ons to a Tanzania Safari, so check to see if the Serengeti is included in your trip when booking.


The Serengeti and Ngorongoro form part of the Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania which includes Arusha National Park, Tarangire National

Park and Lake Manyara National Park. This Northern

Safari Circuit is Tanzania’s most popular safari region.

The higher park fees, especially for Serengeti and

Ngorongoro, generally make safaris to the famous

Northern Safari Circuit more expensive than trips to Tanzania’s Southern Game Parks.

However, visiting the Southern Game Parks of Tanzania requires more driving time and tours to this less-renowned region usually operate on a private departure basis which makes them more expensive for 2 to 4 travellers. The main appeal of the Southern Circuit game parks – Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park, Mahale National Park and Katavi National Park is that they offer a more off-the-beaten-track safari experience.

Affordable private safaris to Southern Tanzania’s Parks include our Ruaha Safaris and Selous Game Reserve Safaris.

For Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit parks, on the other hand, there are private and group departure safaris to choose from. The set group departures offer better value for money if you are prepared to join a group travelling with a tour company on a pre-defined itinerary.

Northern Safari Circuit Tours typically depart from Arusha – browse budget safaris starting in Arusha.

Southern Game Parks Safaris usually depart from Dar es Salaam – see upcoming safaris from Dar es Salaam.

Private Concession Area Costs:

Tanzania’s private concession areas host the more exclusive safari lodges, which makes them more expensive to visit. The extra cost will get you a

more exclusive Tanzania Safari experience because access to the private concession areas is restricted to the guests staying at the lodges located inside these private reserves. Private concession areas are found inside or bordering/near most of the official national parks of Tanzania. Entry fees range from $25 to $50 per adult per day, depending on the location of the concession area.

  1. Flights to Tanzania

You can pick up return flights from New York to Kilimanjaro/   Dar es Salaam for about US$840 depending on the time of year. Return flights from London to kilimanjaro / Dar es Salaam start at about £550, again depending on when you travel.

During the peak safari seasons, flights to Tanzania are more expensive and you need to book well in advance to secure cheap flights.

The peak season for wildlife viewing in Tanzania is from June to October (dry season). The best time to see the Great Migration in the Serengeti is June to July although the timing varies from year-to-year. The wildebeest have their calves from late January to February which makes this another popular time to visit the Serengeti.

Low season in Tanzania is from March to May which is when you’ll find the cheapest flights. This is one of the two wet seasons however which makes it less ideal for beach holidays. The shorter rains take place from October to December, another good time to pick up cheap flights.

Search for cheap flights with Travelstart who offer the best possible flight prices available.

Budgeting Tip:

Check flight prices to Nairobi in Kenya as these are often cheaper. From Nairobi, you can travel overland to Arusha, the gateway to the Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania or you can join a Kenya & Tanzania group safari that starts in Nairobi.

  1. Tanzania Visa Costs

A Tanzania tourist visa costs US$50 for most nationals and can be obtained at the border upon arrival (for most nationalities). This is a single entry tourist visa for visits of up to 30 days, valid for 90 days. For US citizens a Tanzania visa costs US$100 but allows for multiple-entry visits of up to 90 days and is valid for 12 months.

The good news is, Tanzania tourist visas are valid for both Tanzania (mainland) and Zanzibar Island.

For more information about Tanzania visas and online visa applications see the Tanzanian Government website.

  1. Tanzania Safari Add-Ons

One of the major expenses of going on safari in Tanzania is the flights, which is why many travellers choose to add-on to their safaris and extend their trips. Favourite add-on activities include , Kenya safaris, Zanzibar Island holidays and climbing expeditions in Tanzania.


Neighbouring Tanzania, Kenya is another of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. Travellers frequently ask us which is better for a safari, Kenya or Tanzania, or Serengeti vs Masai Mara. The simple answer is, both are exceptional African safari destinations thus the ideal is to go on safari in both Tanzania and Kenya.

There are different types of  safaris that make a complete circuit of Kenya and Tanzania taking you to both Masai Mara and Serengeti on a variety of budgets. In terms of cost, one of the advantages of combining Kenya and Tanzania is that flights to Nairobi in Kenya are often cheaper than those to Dar es Salaam and smaller towns such as Arusha.


Add Zanzibar to your Serengeti Safari and you get the ultimate beach and bush getaway. Tanzania is one of the best places in Africa to take a lazy beach holiday after your action-packed wildlife safari. Why? Zanzibar’s tropical white sand beaches, the warm Indian Ocean, excellent diving and snorkelling, dhow sailing trips and exotic spices, to name a few. Zanzibar holiday –

Accommodation at a 3-star Zanzibar Island resort costs from about $127 per person per night excluding flights, transfers, activities and meals. The easiest way to get to Zanzibar after a Northern Circuit Safari is to take a flight from Arusha. If your safari ends in Dar Es Salaam then you can take the ferry to Stone Town for about $70  (one way) or a short flight for about $160 (return).


Hiking enthusiasts and outdoor lovers often jump at the chance to climb Mount Kilimanjaro while in Tanzania. Trekking to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain is the perfect way for active travellers to topoff a Tanzania Safari. At 4900 metres from base to tip

(5895 metres above sea level) conquering Kilimanjaro, ‘The Roof of Africa’, is a must for fit adventure seekers!

Mount kilimanjaro tanzania –

Budget Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours starting and ending in Arusha / Moshi :

8 Day Machame Route ($280 per person sharing per day / from $2240)

  • Day Marangu Route ($268 per person sharing perday / from $2140)
  • Day Lemosho Route (about $290 per person sharingper day/ from $2630)

The price of these trekking tours includes:

Professional English speaking guide and mountain crew (cook & porters)

Kilimanjaro Trek and national park fees

Overnight stays in mountain huts/tents as per the itineraries

Two overnight stays at a lodge (including breakfast & dinner)

Meals and transfers as per the tour itineraries

Drinking water

Climbing Mount Meru is cheaper because it is far less famous, being the fifth highest mountain in Africa. A Mount Meru Trekking Tour costs from about $222 per day, including the same expenses as the Kilimanjaro Tours, as well as an English speaking park ranger.

6 Day Mount Meru Trek ($1330 / $222 per person sharing per day)


Tanzania Walking Safaris

A Serengeti Walking Safari will cost from US$1650 per person for two guests for two nights /three days

(about $550 per person per day). A 7-day Serengeti Walking Safari which combines game drives in Ngorongoro and Serengeti with three days of walking in the Serengeti Ecosystem costs about US$4675 per person sharing for two guests (about $670 per person per day). As with other private safaris, the cost of a walking safari goes down when you book for more people ($3770 per person sharing for a group of four people).

Photographic Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania Photographic Safaris cost about $700 to $1200 per person per day for a 9 to 17-day trip to Tanzanian or Tanzanian and Kenyan game parks. This includes a professional photographer as your guide, as well as most expenses and land travel costs.

Tanzania Birding Safaris

A Tanzania Birding Safari costs from about $485 to $570 per person per day, depending on the group size, season and level of accommodation. Tanzania is a birding hotspot with over 1100 bird species, including 800 resident species and 200 regular migrant species. Home to 22 endemic and 43 near-endemic bird species Tanzania offers unique birding experiences across a wide range of habitats, from savannahs and wetlands to highland forests and scrublands. Tanzania’s top birding destinations are Arusha

National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Park,

Lake Manyara, Serengeti Park, Ruaha, Lake Victoria,

Mount Kilimanjaro, Pemba Island and the Usambara Mountains.

Tanzania Festivals

In early to mid-February Zanzibar hosts the Sauti za

Busara Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in

East Africa. This well-established festival celebrates African music across genres, from jazz, bongo flava and pop to fusion and taarab. A four-day pass for Sauti za Busara costs $150 for international visitors and $80 for African passport holders . They offer early bird specials so book in advance to save on tickets. Tickets cost extra when paying at the door (on arrival) so buy them beforehand.

The Mwaka Kogwa Festival is held on Zanzibar Island in July to celebrate the Shirazi New Year. This four-day festival kicks off with banana leaf/stalk fights between the men as a way to resolve arguments. Then the banana leaves are set on fire on the beach to symbolise the start of a fresh new year accompanied by music and dancing.

At the Bagamoyo Arts Festival (September/October) in Bagamoyo (near Dar es Salaam) you can join in and watch both traditional and contemporary song and dance performances. Shows include acrobatics, art exhibitions, poetry and drama performances showcasing East African arts and culture.

Other events and festivals in Tanzania include the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon, Kiliman Adventure Challenge, Zanzibar International Film Festival, the Nyama Choma (meat/food) Festival, Serengeti Cultural Festival and the Goat Races in Dar es Salaam. 8. Often over-looked Travel Costs

The often forgotten costs on safari can add up so let’s unpack them here.

Optional Activities in Tanzania:

Hot Air Balloon Trips over the Serengeti

Plains (cost about US$850) – an incredible way to take in the open savannahs and wildlife from above.

Masai Village Tours (cost about US$100 to US$80) – experience the traditional culture of the local Maasai, Africa’s most famous warrior tribe.

Tipping on Safari:

It is customary to tip tour drivers, guides, porters and others who have provided you with services on safari in Tanzania, although it is up to you. But, who do you tip and when, and how much?

For starters, it is common practice to tip in restaurants in major towns and cities of Tanzania, but not at the local eateries in rural villages. Taxi drivers usually only expect tips for trips of a day or longer and you can leave a tip of about US$5 per day for hotel staff. When trekking in Tanzania a tip of about $20 per hiking group is the standard for a Kilimanjaro guide.

Pre- and Post-Safari Accommodation

Accommodation at mid-range hotels or backpackers costs about $90 per night (two people sharing a twin room) with safari lodges at Tanzania’s top destinations charging more. In Arusha, you can find good quality lodge accommodation for between $40 to $150 per person sharing (double room) including breakfast. For a single room prices range between $65 and $180 depending on the level of comfort and style.

Airport Transfers

A one-way transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha costs about $50 to $70 per person minibus taxi (Toyota Noah) and some airlines and lodges provide free shuttle services.

From the Dar es Salaam airport (Julius Nyerere

International Airport) to the city a taxi should cost between $25 to $55 (at most), although some say as little as $13 is possible.

On Zanzibar Island transfers from the airport cost about $25 per person (1-6 people) to Stone Town and between $70 and $80 per person to the north or south of the main island.

Drinks & Meal Costs in Tanzania

Meals will cost you about $10 to $15 per day, excluding alcoholic beverages. A budget of about $6 should cover water and a few alcoholic beverages. These prices will vary depending on where you eat out and have drinks – prepare to pay more at upmarket establishments.

Travel Insurance Costs for Tanzania:

Travel insurance is essential for any African safari. For a two-week Tanzania Safari, the cost of standard travel insurance is from US$80 (based on two weeks of travel for a 30-year-old from the United States).

Single Supplement Costs in Tanzania

Expect to pay between $60 to $590 extra as a single traveller if you do not want to share a tent or twin room on safari in Tanzania. Single supplements can be hefty on private camping and lodge safaris so consider sharing with a solo traveller of the same gender if you are on a tight budget. When comparing Tanzania safari prices keep an eye out for single supplement charges as they vary!

Tanzania safari costs –

The good news is that luxury safaris are just one type of African safari with plenty of other travel styles to pick from when visiting Tanzania and other African destinations.

Find your ideal budget Tanzania Safari now or have us tailor-make a private safari for you at an excellent price.