Wedding Services At KIAfrika Adventure Wedding Professionals, we possess the expertise to make your “happily ever after” journey unforgettable. Your love story begins long before the “I DOs.” Our team of talented, knowledgeable, and creative local professionals is at your service, from wedding planning to execution. We’re here to ensure your wedding in East Africa with KIAfrika Adventure turns out just as you’ve always imagined.

Your Perfect Venue:

Arusha, Tanzania, offers a breathtaking landscape of mountains, lakes, oceans, and wildlife parks that serve as the canvas for your special day. Choosing the right venue is the most important decision you’ll make. In KIAfrika Adventure, you have access to one of the most dramatic and romantic places on Earth, equipped with everything you need to create the most beautiful day imaginable.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out:

Every couple is unique, just like your love story. Be yourselves and embrace your individuality. Customize your wedding to reflect your personalities, prepare for the big day together, and enjoy a stress-free experience. Work as a team, and rest assured that our pricing is competitive.

The Advantages:

Getting married in East Africa offers numerous advantages:

  • Beautiful weather is almost guaranteed.
  • You can choose from stunning backdrops.
  • Combine your honeymoon and wedding venues.
  • Special packages are available for your guests.
  • You can opt for an intimate ceremony or a private one with minimal guests.
  • Turn your wedding into a holiday, and let the hotel handle the planning.
  • East African hotels and lodges are known for their exceptional cuisine, warm staff, and their commitment to making your wedding day truly special.

The Cost:

We’re here to offer you a selection of wedding and honeymoon venues, complete with safari packages. Let us know your vision, and we’ll handle all the arrangements, including flights and ground logistics.

When to Book:

Book your wedding as early as possible, but keep in mind that most hotels do not accept reservations during peak holiday periods. Wedding bookings are limited to a maximum of two per day, and certain public holidays are typically excluded.


In East Africa, the legal requirements for weddings are straightforward. Couples don’t need to visit any authorities in advance of their wedding day. All necessary arrangements can be managed by the hotel. However, a few documents are required, and they should be submitted at least a month before the wedding:

  • Copies of the birth certificates of the bride and groom.
  • Copies of the passports for both the bride and groom.
  • Details of the professions of the bride, groom, and their parents.
  • Documents of eligibility from your local parish or lawyer, especially if one of you is a divorcee (a copy of the DECREE ABSOLUTE is required).

The Registrar:

To comply with official requirements, a letter requesting the registrar’s presence at the wedding must be sent to them at least three working days before the ceremony. This letter should include the signatures of both the bride and groom.

Wedding Locations:

We offer a diverse selection of wedding and honeymoon locations in East Africa, including Zanzibar, Tanzanian national parks, balloon weddings, safari weddings, beach weddings, and Maasai weddings.

The Bridal Bouquet:

Most hotels provide traditional teardrop or posy bouquets that can be themed to match the bridal theme. Suggested flowers include roses, carnations, lilies (seasonal), Enthuriums, or Lysianthus. Safari lodges can arrange for flowers in advance.

Pre-Wedding Preparations:

Many hotels have their beauty salons and hairdressing services, perfect for achieving your ideal bridal look. Consider consultations with hairdressers and beauticians before the big day. Additionally, several hotels offer spa facilities, complete with private suites and relaxation therapies for couples.

Private Dining:

Most wedding packages include a romantic dinner for two and a honeymoon breakfast. Venues may vary based on your hotel’s location, but rest assured that it will be a memorable experience.

Music and Dancing:

Venues can provide music, dancing, choirs, discos, or play your CD of music. Traditional dancers, reflecting the region of your choice, can also usually be arranged. We will make sure that we pull off a Wedding service that will leave both you and your partner breathless out of pure happiness and joy.

Wedding Receptions:

Hotels and lodges excel in providing large-scale banquets with customizable menus. They typically offer wines, toasts, and pre-event cocktails.

Family and Friends:

Your chosen hotel will happily provide a special accommodation rate for your family and friends.

On the Day:

On your wedding day, the hotel or lodge will manage all the logistics, including transporting the registrar to and from the nearest town, delivering flowers to the bride and groom, arranging the wedding venue, offering seating and arrangements for the signing of the register, and serving cake and champagne at the venue. If needed, we can also provide witnesses, and a photographer will be present to capture every special moment.

Wedding Photography and DVDs:

Most hotels provide skilled photographers to capture the entire event, offering final CDs or printed albums. With advanced notice, many hotels can also arrange for professional videographers.

Make your wedding in East Africa a truly remarkable experience with KIAfrika Adventure, where we strive to make your special day unforgettable, full of love, and authentic to your unique love story.

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