Top Amazing things to do in Tanzania

Top Amazing things to do in Tanzania HERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT WILL ENTICE YOU TO MAKE YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE AN AFRICAN ADVENTURE IN TANZANIA. THINGS TO DO IN TANZANIA Tanzania is one of our favourite countries in all of Africa. People welcome you with open arms yelling “Jambo” and everyone always seems to have […]

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What is the best destination in Tanzania

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tanzania From snow-capped peaks to ‘Big Five’s safaris and paradise-esque islands, the East African country is basking in its new-found status of being a hot travel destination for both luxurious and adventurous travellers. Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Tanzania… Serengeti National Park […]

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THE SUMMIT DAY WAKE UP AROUND MIDNIGHT Summit day begins the night before. You start with an early dinner and go to sleep early. You will wake up around midnight to prepare for the summit attempt. After a light snack, your ascent will begin. The summit day is a tough, 11 to 16 hour day […]

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The Safari Code The word ‘Safari’ actually means ‘to travel’ and can refer to any journey or trip. When in either a park or a reserve visitors should observe the following code: The Wildlife Code -Respect the privacy of the wildlife, this is their habitat. -Beware of the animals – they are wild and can […]

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Fitness Program Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and hiking to the peak is a challenge that should not be under estimated. With all the information you could possibly gather, added to being physically prepared, one’s chances of reaching the summit is substantially increased. Stamina and mental determination to a great extent, will […]

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THE FOLLOWING TO ACHIEVING ACCLIMATION Daily Health Checks Our guides are all experienced in identifying altitude sickness and dealing with the problems it causes with climbers. They will constantly monitor your well-being on the climb by watching you and speaking with you. Twice daily, in the morning and evening, our guides will conduct health checks. Pre-acclimatize […]

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Planning a wedding in East Africa OVERVIEW: KIAfrika adventure wedding professional have the expertise to ensure your happy ever. After starts long before you say ” I DO”. Talented, knowledgeable and creative local professional are at your service. Wedding planner; they’re all there to make sure your wedding in KIAfrika adventure is just how you […]

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WEATHER ON KILIMANJARO What is the Weather on Kilimanjaro? The short answer is that the temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro range from hot to bitter cold. Climbing Kilimanjaro is unique for many reasons, and one of these is that from origin to summit, climbers find themselves weaving through several distinct climate zones. It is said that […]

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FOREIGNERS SEEKING TO ENTER TANZANIA Foreigners seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania should be in possession of a valid passport, at least six months prior to expiration. The passport is to be presented to the Immigration Control Officer at any entry point: border station, airport, harbor. The passport must be presented along with one […]

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New Visa process in Tanzania Tanzania Immigration Authorities have changed their way of handling visas on arrival. Previously, visas could be issued online or on arrival by waiting in a small queue. As from today, visitors arriving in Tanzania through via airports and land borders without having secured their visa in advance online will have […]

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